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Welcome to Front Page, where we break down Gallup's latest insights on our constantly evolving world. Here are the five insights you shouldn't miss this week:

1. Manager Exodus

Line Chart: 55% of managers in the U.S. say they are watching for or actively seeking a new job.

With so much focus on worker retention and our still upside-down job market here in the U.S., a new danger lurks for organizations: Managers are looking to bail! Today, over half of managers in the U.S. workforce are hedging their bets and looking for opportunities to switch teams.
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2. Women’s Power in Mexico

Line Chart: 68% of Mexicans did not believe women in their country are treated with respect in 2022.

In a historic shift, both the ruling party and opposition camp in Mexico are putting forward two women to run for the presidency. A female president for Mexico would be a first in a nation where residents have typically been skeptical that women in their country are treated with dignity and respect.
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3. Hunger Hangs On

Line Chart: Prevalence of undernourishment in Africa, by subregion.

In one of the most concerning trends, data from the latest State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World report show global hunger remains persistent across several regions. In Africa, nations in the southern and northern regions of the continent have seen undernourishment rise over the past two years. In Latin America, Caribbean nations have seen the most increase. See how your region compares.
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4. The Office Fashion Faceoff

Bar Chart: Popularity of different types of office attire for men, women and all workers in 2023.

With more of us working hybrid since before the pandemic, our work attire has morphed in some understandable ways. Despite your humble author holding out, fewer are wearing business professional clothes. Perhaps more surprising is that "business casual" has gained the most, particularly among women, while the percentage wearing casual street clothes hasn’t changed.
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5. Climate Concerns

Bar Chart: Regions ranking how likely it is severe weather will harm them in the next two years.

With so many nations experiencing severe weather, in all its forms, we take stock of who around the globe believes events like these could cause them harm in the future. According to the Lloyd's Register Foundation World Risk Poll in 2019, Latin America had the highest rate of people who said it was very likely that severe weather could harm them in the next two years.
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