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Welcome to Front Page, where we break down Gallup's latest insights on our constantly evolving world. Here are the five insights you shouldn't miss this week:

1. America in Decline?

Map: Changes in perception of U.S. leadership approval worldwide, between 2021 and 2022.

In our annual Rating World Leaders report, Gallup polled 137 countries about the image of the world's major powers and found that the approval rating of U.S. leadership slipped among some key partners in 2022. While so much of Washington's focus has been on how Russia's global image will fare amid the war on Ukraine, the U.S. seems to also need some image rehabilitation.
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2. Germany Wins Again!

Line Chart: Leadership approval ratings of the U.S., Germany, China and Russia, from 2007 to 2022.

Despite the departure of global celebrity status Chancellor Angela Merkel, and with the more central role German foreign policy has played on the world stage since the war on Ukraine began under the leadership of lesser-known Olaf Scholz, Germany continues to outperform the U.S., China and Russia in global leadership approval.
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3. Putin's Still Got Africa

Map: Disapproval of Russian leadership among African nations.

For those of us obsessed with public opinion, it's always powerful when a data visualization drives home a gap in perceptions. This map highlights just how Western-centric the view of Russia's globally tarnished image really is. In reality, Africans have a very different view of Russia than do those living in more Western-aligned nations. In fact, harnessing closer relations with Africa has been a mainstay of the Kremlin's messaging since the launch of the Ukraine war.
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4. Who Do You Believe In?

Bar Chart: Types of public individuals that Americans follow for news information.

With all the recent headlines about people in the news business, our latest in our partnership with Knight Foundation highlights just how much Americans rely on public individuals to get their news.
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5. When Employees Are Engaged, Customers Show the Love

Infographic: Employee experience and engagement relating to burnout and organizational connection.

Amid so much talk about quiet quitting and employee engagement, it's helpful to see the numbers behind why it matters to a company's bottom line. Here are the ways an engaged workforce shows up in that team's customer experience.


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