Our Culture Audit is the starting point for achieving your aspirational culture.

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Crafting your aspirational state through a Culture Audit

Gallup helps organizations use culture audits to drive performance through:

  • identifying cultural attributes indicators
  • measuring the prevalence of key cultural
  • assessing the organization’s ability to reinforce culture
  • ensuring that cultural attributes drive business outcomes

Our preview audit gives you a glimpse of the work Gallup does with organizations and helps leaders start thinking about how their current culture differs from their ideal state.

A clearly articulated and understood culture helps organizations attract world-class talent, create alignment across teams, provide focus for engaged employees and boost business performance.

A strong, purpose-driven culture
has increased these key performance metrics for our clients:

increase in employee engagement over a three-year period.

growth in workforce over a three-year period.

net profit increase over a five-year period.